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Top 10 City Tips for Autumn

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

If you’re wondering what to do in Brighton and Hove this autumn, then we’ve got you covered. Our seasonal guide will keep you up to date with our pick of Connected Brighton hosted events. So, if you are looking for new experiences and to make new friends in the city, look no further than our top 10 city tips for autumn.

Taste Tips

Lucky for us foodies, Brighton and Hove boasts a vibrant tapestry of dining destinations. While brimming with options is exciting, how does the discerning culinary enthusiast find the diamond among the rocks?

We partner exclusively with independent venues to present the places that deserve your attention. Here are a few of our Taste Tips for the next couple of months.

Dinner Safari

Join us for a taste trail to three of Hove’s finest restaurants and get to enjoy the exceptional array of offerings from each with over four hours of delicious treats. Starting at the acclaimed Greek restaurant Nostos, then the Italian’s finest Pesca for our mains, and Carne will host us for our cocktails and desserts.

The Blue Man

Continuing our culinary exploration, and as part of their opening week, we’ll be heading to The Blue Man, Algerian street food restaurant and bar in the North Laine on Friday 20 October. The Blue Man has been in Brighton for almost 25 years and is opening this new venue, which we get to try first! As well as stunning and authentic food - those of you that have sampled Maj’s dishes will know what I mean - there’ll be the cultural stories of bringing a piece of Africa to Brighton to bring the experience to life.

Taste Sabai Thai

A local hero in the world of Thai cuisine is the legendary Sabai Thai. This family-run restaurant has been serving authentically delicious Thai food, from the enviable Pavilion side spot for over a decade - if you haven’t tried them yet, then join us on Thursday 9 November for a Taste Sabai Thai, with a three-course, flavour-packed, set menu and the opportunity to try their famous Chilli Mojito.

Carne Experience

It’s so good that we’re back for more, much more! At the Carne Experience, we’ll be enjoying a six-course tasting menu, exclusive to us. This menu is only available through this Connected Brighton event. You can expect the ultimate showcase of their finest dishes and the option to indulge in a beautifully paired wine flight. We can’t wait!

Tipple and Nibble

Tipple and Nibble means a lot of the first and less of the latter. We absolutely love paired drinking events, so here are two examples of our beverage-led experiences.

An Evening of Tequila and Mezcal

With Mezcal being a personal favourite of mine and boasting a fresh-off-the-press friendship with the awesome Xav, I'm particularly excited for this tasting experience. Xav has many strings to his bow, so be prepared to be impressed as he whips out his knowledge about these two spirits, pairs them with salty snacks, and transports us to Mexico with tales of adventure. This is booked for Saturday 18 November. Will we be seeing you there?

Gin with Harley House Distillery

Gin cocktails and gin tasting at the family-run and uber-plush Italian restaurant Pesca on Wednesday 25 October are sure to be a hoot. With four different gins to sample on top of the arrival drinks, we’ll be very grateful for the nibbles that come with this fabulous experience. Sussex based Harley House Distillery will be hosting and taking us through their sublime creations. We love gin, and we can’t wait!

Immersive Experiences

An immersive experience is when you become an active participant in a vivid story or environment, and where your senses are wholly engaged. This next selection of experiences that we’re hosting and attending over the next couple of months will raise the bar and inject something that extra bit special into your autumn calendar.

Search Seven Charity Ball

Thursday 26 October sees The Grand open its doors to the inspirational Search Seven Charity Ball. If you’re looking for a multi-sensory experience, then you’ll get that and above here. Expect a three-course set meal with paired wines, live music, and innovative interactive entertainment. There’s a real feast for enjoyment up for grabs. Wear black tie and get carried away at the auction because the prizes are simply fantastic, and all the proceeds go to charity!


The majesty of the starlings' murmuration dance is a spectacle that has found fame here on the seafront of Brighton and Hove. We’re taking our members down to The Palace Pier on Sunday 26 November, loading up with fish, chips, and donuts, and watching the miracle unfold. I see this every year and I never cease to be amazed. Cameras at the ready for this one.

Murder Malice and Mystery

We’ve booked a private tour with our fellow Brightonian Nat for his acclaimed tour and tales of infamous goings-on in Brighton. For optimum spookiness, we’ve sandwiched this event neatly between Halloween and Day Of The Dead on Friday 3 November, so prepare to be chilled, amazed, and horrified. Post-adventure, we’ll be heading to a secret location to calm our nerves with a beverage or two!

Members' Holiday

Lyndsey and some of the crew are jet-setting off to the DB San Antonio Hotel & Spa in Malta for a 4-day holiday. While they’re all enjoying winter sun, cocktails on sun loungers, and other fun activities, I'll be here wishing I was there! If you fancy making some new connections with our crew under the sun, there may be time to snag a ticket…

Looking for more ideas on how to spend your time this autumn? Head to our events page where you can see our full calendar of activities.


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