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100 Best Brighton Businesses

Connected Brighton introduces our ultimate guide to the 100 best businesses in Brighton & Hove. Here, we showcase a diverse array of local enterprises and top restaurants renowned for their innovative approach, creative solutions, and unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service.

As well as promoting our favourite 100 best businesses, we are also passionate about being a champion for local arts and cultural organisations who keep Brighton unique and boutique. These include charities, theatres, publications, festivals and museums.

VB20 - Brighton Palace Pier at Sunset_VisitBrighton_Light Trick Photography (1).jpg

 VIP Brands 

Royal Pavilion at sun set

100 Best Brighton Brands 

VB13 - Brighton Museum & Art Gallery_VisitBrighton_Adam Bronkhorst.jpg

Arts & Culture

VB04 - Brighton Bandstand_VisitBrighton_Adam Bronkhorst.jpg

Business Services

VB36 - The Brighton & Hove Peace Statue_VisitBrighton_Light Trick Photogrpahy_edited.jpg

Charitable Associations

Kettlebell, dumbbell and moisturiser.jpg

Fitness & Beauty

Stock Exchange


Dilsk Ellen RB.jpg


VB48 - The Royal Pavilion Brighton_VisitBrighton_Adam Bronkhorst_edited.jpg

Personal Services



VB28 - Hove Beach Huts_VisitBrighton_Adam Bronkhorst_edited.jpg

Property Services

Royal Pavilion at sun set

Travel & Tourism

Brighton's Best Brands

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