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Connected Brighton, your City Concierge, dedicated to connecting people to business and business to people by supporting local through our Social, Business and Corporate services.


Our Social Concierge service transforms your social life by connecting you with new people, places, and experiences across the city through exclusive events, member offers, and insightful city tips newsletters. It's more than a Social Club; it's a community where meaningful friendships flourish, professional connections are made, and local businesses are supported. 

Aimed at corporate professionals and business owners over 30 seeking quality connections and great experiences, Connected Brighton invites you to join a vibrant community, enjoy exceptional events, and access exclusive savings. Embrace the joy of connection, support local, and enrich your social network with us.

Our Connected100 Business Club champions the best brands in the city through marketing services, whilst nurturing the local business community through engaging networking events.

We also provide a Corporate Concierge service to improve your Team Building experiences using our network of local and independent brands. We can personally host your private, PR or team events for a truly personal service that nurtures your community whilst supporting the local business community.


About Lyndsey
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Meet Lyndsey

My name is Lyndsey, I'm a qualified Performance Coach and Consultant, and I created Connected Brighton because I needed connection. I'm born and bred Brighton, have fabulous friends, but our lives are very different. I didn't have children when my mates did, I got divorced when they didn't, and it changed my social circle exponentially. Add to that a break up, a redundancy and a pandemic where everyone became pretty insular. All of which left me wondering who I was going to spend my time with when the world opened up. 


Turns out I was not alone.

Blonde woman standing proud with hand on hip and smiling against a bright graffitied wall

I've met so many amazing people through creating Connected Brighton with similar stories, who are local or new to the area, in singles and couples, who have been through life changes and who were also looking for connection.


It all began when the first newsletter was sent in March 2021, with our first event being a picnic in the April 2021 lockdown. Then under the outdoor sports rules we played Petanque, then groups of six were allowed inside and eventually we had dinners together as the rules eased.  Within a year we became a Visit Brighton partner and a trusted social network for personal and professional connections, running 2-3 events a week that support local businesses and bring people together looking to socialise, network and date. 


The response has been overwhelming - check out all our press coverage here - and the icing on the cake has been winning RWC Entrepreneur of the Year 2022, being a Finalist for Community Hero at the Dynamic Women in Business Awards 2023 and the jewel in the crown - being chosen as one of the Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs in the UK 2024.


As well as building Connected Brighton I continue to coach others going through change in life and business. Because I turned my life around after an IVF miscarriage which led to my divorce, and life was pretty dark. But creating this business has been the making of me, pushing myself to do something completely different, at the worst possible time (hello social events company in a socially distanced pandemic) turned out to be the best possible thing.


Helping others to achieve success in their lives motivates me to make a difference through my business and my coaching. Now I am working on how to take Connected into other cities, to support more local businesses, get around every independent venue in the city and meet more fabulous people!

If any of my story resonates or you'd like to know more then I'm always happy to chat on LinkedIn, or drop me an email. And you can read more about my personal story and work here.

Let's connect.




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