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Connected Brighton is for everyone, couples or singles, and focused on building friendships and  growing your personal network in the city.

We have created a sister brand The Single Sessions with our favourite Dating Coach & Matchmaker Secret Alchemy with a focus on dating. This is just for our singles looking to mingle!

If you are more interested in dating then click below to head to our sister site for all the info on our Singles events and dating workshops.

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Why did you split out the brands?


We always want to be clear that Connected Brighton is for everyone. The lines were blurring with the monthly Single Mingle we hosted because suddenly people thought they had to be single to attend any event which isn't true! We LOVE that we attract people who are together in couples AND lovely singles, because this is a People's Club for anyone who wants to make new friends.

How will The Single Sessions events be different to Connected Brighton events?


These events are focused solely on single life, building your confidence to date and supporting you through the minefield that is Sussex dating. They are about connecting local singles in fun ways through our standard mingles with a twist, including games, quizzes and tarot reading!

What do you know about dating, show us your credentials!


Laura is a qualified dating coach and matchmaker who HATED being single and is now happily married. She started her business Secret Alchemy to help singles find love. Her mission is to help people find the right person for them through creating healthy habits which make dating more fun.

Lyndsey is single, and LOVES it. She knows dating is tough in this city, that it isn't easy to find the perfect partner and that can suck at times (hello Christmas marketing ads making us all feel less for being singles and without a family). Her mission is to help you feel good about being single.

Can I still go to Connected Brighton events if I go to The Single Sessions?


YES! And we want to encourage all our singles to try out Connected Brighton events. Building your social network is one of the best ways to meet new people, have fun and get yourself out there. Dip in and out of both depending on what you want and need. You are always welcome at either or both!

Click for more info!

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