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Small Business Britain announces their Top 100 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs of 2024

Celebrating women in business

The F:Entrepreneur #ialso100 is a campaign that highlights inspiring female business leaders across the UK. Through events, content and story-telling, f:Entrepreneur showcases role models to help and inspire all small businesses.

See the full line-up of this year’s #ialso100 campaign here.

National Recognition for Connected Brighton

I am beyond thrilled to have been chosen as part of the Top 100 inspiring female entrepreneurs of 2024. This is such an incredible achievement that I've been quite overwhelmed by the news. And of course, utterly delighted!

As we make our plans to licence the Connected model into other cities it's amazing to get national recognition for my business. A business I needed for myself, that has completely changed my life for the better.

Making friends as adults

Building Connected Brighton has been beyond anything I could have expected.

I made it for myself, I did it because I needed it.

I found myself wondering what life post lockdown was going to look like. Feeling out of place, and pace, with my peer group as the only single and childless one in my circle as their time was now limited by relationships and families. In parallel, I had a great job with time, money and motivation to get back out, enjoy life and spend my money on the things I loved - socialising, new experiences and Brighton life.

But with who. How do you make friends as adults, with like minded people, outside of work now home and hybrid working was restricting contact with colleagues?

Deciding I couldn't be alone in this situation, in 2021 I registered Connected Brighton as a limited company and thought I'd have a fun summer hosting events for other people looking for connection, put money back into Brighton and see where it went.

Now we are almost 3 years in with over 60 members, weekly events, a reach of over 30k people a month across all our engagement channels and growing!

And we have just launched our Connected100 Business Club to support the best brands in the city with dynamic marketing solutions using the voice we've built to shout loud and support local, whilst providing networking events to nurture this fabulous business community (get in touch if you have a fab brand to promote)!

Thank you to all our supporters

This entrepreneur journey has been incredible. And this accolade from Small Business Britain is the validation of so much hard work, fear of failure, grit and determination to make it work.

I have poured my heart, soul and savings into creating a City Concierge service that provides connection to individuals and supports local. Building on my own need for connection, and to put money back into Brighton - keeping this city boutique and unique.

Thank you to each and every person and business who has been part of the Connected Brighton story, and my story, to get to this point. I am so grateful for your support as I love this business so much, it's changed my life and it changes the lives of those who are part of it who enjoy new friendships, relationships, experiences and discovering new favourite places in the city they call home.

Now, as we continue to grow, I couldn't be more proud of where the business is going, who we support and what we do.

Get Connected

If my story has resonated, and you also want to meet like minded professionals and business owners, have fun in this amazing city at hosted, curated and bespoke events that support local then check us out. And if you have been watching us for awhile this is your sign to come out! Who knows, it could change your life too.



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