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Connected Brighton Podcast - Seb Cole

The moment you've all been waiting for, another Connected Brighton podcast is available for your listening pleasure!

This time our guest was the brilliant Seb, founder of Boho Gelato. The fabulous gelato store stocking unique flavours in their local shops and in various retailers across the south coast.

Our first experience with Boho Gelato was with Brighton Food Tours and we fell in love. Members you get discounts with @btnfoodtours check them out!

We loved finding out the science of ice cream Vs gelato (who knew) and what Boho stands for (we love an acronym).

Listen in for our usual round of slow quick fire questions and answers, how Seb started out, what's his story, including his favourite gelato flavour (of course).

Make sure you pop in to Boho Gelato in Pool Valley to grab an ice cream to cool down in this weather! Get in line, Ben and I are first in the queue 😉

Available on Spotify and Apple or listen via our website.

Coming up next a Pride special with our favourite Drag Queen The Only Ruffles!

Stay connected.

Lyndsey & Ben


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