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Connected Brighton Podcast - Lyndsey & Ben

Have you listened to our Connected Brighton podcast yet?

Every month we interview a local business or celebrity about their work and play in Brighton and get to know them better with our quick fire questions round, though they are never quick answers but always entertaining!

My co-host for the show is the very funny Ben Duffy, otherwise known as The Brighton Life Coach.

In the latest episode we've got a six month look back at our Podcast, we were meant to have Chef Sam Lambert BUT he's pooch was having none of it! So it's just me and Ben!

We had a lovely time reminiscing over our fab guests and having a laugh along the way. Listen in.

The Connected Brighton Podcast is out now on Spotify and Apple (or listen via our website) with episodes from our sponsors Lawton & Dawe, Kerry Mayo, Laura Buckley, The Only Ruffles, Louise Peskett and our pilot episode where Ben and I shared our Brighton stories.

Thanks to both Charlie our producer and Plus X for the studio and making our podcast possible.

Catch up on all our episodes now.

And remember - Stay Connected!

Lyndsey & Ben


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Jul 11, 2022


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