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Connected Brighton Podcast - Lawton & Dawe

Have you listened to our Connected Brighton podcast yet?

Every month we interview a local business or celebrity about their work and play in Brighton and get to know them better with our quick fire questions round, though they are never quick but always entertaining!

My co-host for the show is the very funny Ben Duffy, otherwise known as The Brighton Life Coach.

In our latest episode we spoke to our fabulous sponsors Lawton and Dawe to find out all about their Brighton story, life in the property industry, the importance of being authentic and their top tips for the city. Plus how to pronounce the word "mayor".....

We will be getting Lucy and Pippa back regularly on our Podcast to keep us up to date with the latest property trends.

If you are looking to move to, or around, the city then make them your first port of call. They have offices on the ever popular Portland Road and can help with all your property needs.

The Connected Brighton Podcast is out now on Spotify with episodes from Lawton and Dawe, Kerry Mayo, Laura Buckley and The Only Ruffles!

Catch up on all our episodes now. And remember - Stay Connected!

Lyndsey & Ben

*Thank you to Plus X for their fab studio and Charlie from Hula Music our producer*


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