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Connected Brighton Podcast - Christmas Special!

It's time for our Christmas Connected Brighton Podcast!

This Christmas special features the wonderful Dave & Tamsin Lynn.

Dave Lynn is one of my all-time favourite performers and Drag Royalty. As well as a regular on the Brighton scene (see Dave weekly at Le Village and Centrestage) he's also been on the telebox quite a bit too.

We absolutely LOVED getting to hang out with him and his wife Tamsin to hear their stories.

Listen in to hear how Dave first got into Drag, how the Channel 4 show Faking It changed his life, how they met and how they survived lockdown singing in the streets of Saltdean.

Thank you Dave and Tamsin for coming on the show! And thank you to our producer Charlie and the brilliant Plus X studio.

We will be back in the new year with more brilliant local legends sharing their Brighton stories and top tips for city life.

Listen in on Apple, Spotify or via our website and remember, stay connected!

Merry Christmas listeners!

Lyndsey & Ben


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