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We love Moi!

We made an unexpected discovery when we came across newly established Vietnamese kitchen, Moi, at the very cool Temple Bar.

Gareth and Alex, owner and head chef of the business, are both passionate and driven people. Gareth will give you recommendations for food that fits your mood. Based on his advice, we tried a whole range of dishes from their menu as part of a free tasting to get our feedback.

We were very impressed with the quality of the food and the wonderful mix of flavours Moi has to offer. Adapting to the vibe of Temple Bar, their concept was to create a menu that resembles your classic ‘grub’ with a selection of options from mains to sides and bites. In a tapas style, they recreate and adapt traditional dishes.

Previously colonised by France, Vietnam kept the French baguette which, mixed with their own flavours, became a Bahn Mi. Making his own pate, Alex managed to marry the French heritage into his dishes to perfection. His glazed pork Bao Bun is to die for and his sriracha and maple syrup cauliflower wings are heavenly.

If he has the time, Alex will come give you a bit of his own story, which explains his love for Vietnam and its food. He lived there for four years and met the woman who later became his wife. Back in England due to the pandemic, Alex and Gareth had the brilliant idea to join forces and create Moi.

Worth a visit to grab a limited 15% off card, they are also starting Sunday Roasts from Halloween. Try them out!

Lyndsey, Zoe, Jake & Carys


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