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Repair, Not Replace: How Upfix is Revolutionising Appliance Sustainability

Today our guest blog comes from Upfix, a member of our C100 Business Club and a leader in sustainability, showing us the incredible impact of choosing to repair rather than replace appliances.

Every year, millions of electrical appliances are discarded across the UK. From toasters to washing machines, our instinct is often to replace rather than repair. But what if there's a different choice? Today, we want to share how our company, Upfix, is pioneering a movement with a simple yet revolutionary motto: 'Repair, not replace.'


Enter Upfix, a beacon of sustainability in this sea of disposability. With a philosophy rooted in extending the life of appliances, Upfix has managed to maintain a mere 10% scrap rate. But how have we achieved this? By making repair accessible and affordable. For as little as £69, we can breathe new life into appliances that most would consider beyond salvation. This not only saves the appliance but also saves the customer a significant amount of money.

Our Journey

Upfix began its journey two years ago with a single engineer in our hometown, with Kausar working from our bedroom. The vision was simple: to provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to appliance replacement. Today, we have grown rapidly, with engineers covering most of the southeast of England.

Run by husband and wife team, Kausar and Lorraine, our head office is based in Brighton. We now have 28 employees and a management team in place, dedicated to expanding our reach throughout the UK. Our growth is a testament to the demand for sustainable solutions in the appliance repair industry.

Our Impact

In just two years, Upfix has repaired more than 10,000 appliances, drastically reducing the number of items that would have ended up in landfills. Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at repairs. Our offices are paper free, all our scrap appliances are broken down and recycled in Brighton. Our cardboard is recycled in a compost soil regeneration project in the Brighton area.

We’ve built a robust infrastructure to support our mission. With a parts depot in Hove and plans to open a parts retailer soon, we ensure that our engineers have quick access to the components they need. Our fully integrated systems provide the fastest reporting in the industry, ensuring efficiency and transparency.

Recognition and Future Plans

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. Upfix recently won the award for the best appliance repair business in Brighton. This recognition fuels our passion and commitment to continue our expansion and service improvements.

With 225 partners and comprehensive southeast coverage, our network is strong and growing. We are excited about the future as we plan to extend our services across the entire UK.


At Upfix, we believe in the power of repair. We are dedicated to providing sustainable, affordable, and efficient appliance repair services. Our journey from a small bedroom operation to a thriving business with a significant impact demonstrates that repair, not replace, is not just a motto but a movement towards a more sustainable future.

Join us in our mission to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Together, we can make a difference, one repaired appliance at a time.


Instagram: @upfixuk


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