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The Female Trailblazers Transforming Our World

Updated: Mar 14

In celebration of International Women's Day, we take a moment to spotlight some of the extraordinary women from f:Entrepreneur 2024, who are breaking barriers and instigating meaningful change across a spectrum of industries. From revolutionising childcare and enhancing private security to championing neurodiversity, advocating environmental narratives, and pioneering innovative strategies in business and beyond, these women are the embodiment of innovation, perseverance, and leadership. Their remarkable journeys not only inspire but also lay down the foundations for future generations to build upon.

Celebrating the Indelible Impact of Women

Tanya Petherick: A Vanguard in Childcare Excellence

Tanya Petherick shines as a beacon of innovation and steadfastness in the realm of school-aged childcare. As the founder of Club Central, Tanya has transformed the sector through her relentless pursuit of recognition and professionalism. Armed with an MBA from the University of Brighton, her vision transcends the confines of childcare, aspiring to elevate SME owners across diverse fields.

Lisa Baskott: Pioneering Women's Safety in the Security Sector

In a bold response to escalating violence against women, Lisa Baskott founded the UK's pioneering female-focused recruitment agency in the private security domain. Her unwavering dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion, especially in empowering women in security roles, exemplifies her deep commitment and empathy.

Suzi Payton: Advocating Neurodiversity Through Humour and Enlightenment

Suzi Payton, a neurodivergent coach, comedian, and motivational speaker, uses her unique blend of humour and insight to promote understanding and acceptance of ADHD and autism. Her innovative coaching methods inspire individuals to embrace their true selves, fostering a culture of acceptance and self-love.

Roxy van der Post: Weaving Stories for Environmental and Social Change

At the helm of Myosotis Film & Photography, Roxy van der Post marries brand storytelling with activism, advocating for social and environmental change. As a neurodivergent and queer founder, Roxy empowers change agents to forge deep connections with their audiences through genuine and compelling narratives.

Susan Payton: Mastering the Art of Business Storytelling

Story strategist and bestselling author Susan Payton has redefined the narrative landscape of business communication. Her expertise in leveraging storytelling to captivate and engage ideal clients has established her as an industry-leading coach and speaker.

Jenny Legg: Leading the Charge in Lifesaving Education

Through Training Legs First Aid, Jenny Legg has introduced an innovative approach to first aid training, coupled with her crusade for safe defibrillator use. Her initiatives, such as 'Bra Off Defib On' and the FAFF campaign, are pivotal in enhancing emergency response and public awareness.

Woman in orange top
Jenny Legg

Pam Gordon: Blending Franchising Expertise with a Focus on Wellness

Pam Gordon's illustrious career encompasses franchising consultancy and a commitment to fostering wellness through Rise Life. Her post-Covid endeavours underscore her dedication to nurturing community health and fostering business resilience.

Helen Vits: Steering Entrepreneurs Toward Fulfilment and Prosperity

Helen Vits combines her rich background in business and psychology to guide entrepreneurs on a journey to happiness and success. Her approach is deeply rooted in understanding behavioural patterns and fostering thriving business ventures. 

Becci Coombes: A Conduit for Scandinavian Heritage and Creativity

Becci Coombes, through Hygge Style, brings the essence of Scandinavian culture to the forefront. Her passion for foraging, crafting, and celebrating Danish traditions enriches our appreciation for cultural heritage and community.

woman with glasses
Becci Coombes

Lisa Kerr: Crafting Inclusive Solutions for Business and Neurodiversity

Lisa Kerr stands out as an innovator and problem-solver, especially in creating inclusive environments for neurodiverse individuals in the workplace. Her consultancy and coaching efforts are instrumental in paving the way for more inclusive business practices.

Yolande De Vries: Capturing the Essence of Authenticity in Brand Photography

Yolande De Vries empowers women and female-led enterprises to transcend visibility apprehensions through her exceptional brand photography. Her approach is characterised by calmness and a confidence-boosting ethos. Yolande's work is featured regularly in The Times, Conde Nast Traveller, Forbes, Metro, and Brand You Magazine.

Kathryn Hibberd-Little: Nurturing Community Through Culinary Magic

Kathryn Hibberd-Little's Mug Tree Tea Room transcends its commercial identity to serve as a community beacon. Her commitment to sustainable business practices and community outreach underscores the transformative power of passion and dedication to communal welfare.  Now in her tenth entrepreneurial year, and a mum of two young boys, Kathryn promises her husband she won't take on quite so much this year! 

These women are not just redefining the narrative, they are crafting a legacy of empowerment, innovation, and leadership. Their diverse accomplishments underscore the essence of International Women's Day, celebrating strides in gender equality and empowerment. As we pay tribute to these trailblazers, let us pledge to support and elevate women everywhere, ensuring a brighter, inclusive future for everyone.

Oh and of course, our Lyndsey, who also received this honourable accolade for founding Connected Brighton and getting this brilliant business where it is today. You can read her F:Entrepreneur inclusion here.

*This blog was written by Jude Money for Connected Brighton.


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