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Discovering Resilience and Empowerment: Maria's Story

We have the privilege of sharing an inspiring story that resonates with courage, healing, and self-discovery. Introducing Maria, the visionary founder of Psychoenergetic Work®. In her compelling blog, "My Story, My Journey," Maria opens up about her personal experiences and the creation of a unique therapeutic modality that has transformed lives.

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My Story, My Journey

Hi, my name is Maria, and I am the founder of Psychoenergetic Work®. I have created this therapeutic modality because I wanted to offer a unique and comprehensive approach to coaching. My goal is to support people holistically and initiate rapid and lasting changes in their lives. Investing in myself was and still is the best choice I have ever made, and that's why my focus is to encourage people to seek help, not just to fix things but to find a way towards independence, growth, and freedom.

My Healing Journey Begins

I started my healing journey in Rome, Italy, and continued in the UK. Therapy came into my life when I was 21. A compassionate soul offered me psychotherapy after my father passed away from cancer. That was a turning point in my life because, very rapidly, I could see a massive shift in my feelings, making me curious.

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Early Realisations and Struggles

Since childhood, I have been interested in human behaviours and the emotional and spiritual world. I grew up intensely studying and observing the world around me, realising very soon that I was feeling different. My ways were intense and profound, making it hard for me to find people I could rely on or ask advice from.

Overcoming Adversity

Life has shown me no mercy, but I did learn to give myself a break. Even though finding myself has been a bumpy ride, I am grateful for every step, every encounter and adversity, every moment in which I felt loved, accepted or rejected, safe or unsafe, because all these experiences allowed me to gain wisdom and knowledge about myself and others. Every step has brought me closer to my heart and desires, closer to dissolving what was no longer needed and enhancing my most authentic nature.

The Power of Therapy

Therapy has changed the script of my life from miserable and hopeless to powerful and expanded. This journey led me to let go of so much trauma and emotional burden and rebuild. I learned to love in ways I had never imagined. I have found new ways of self-expression and discovered hidden parts and resources within me.

Embracing Life with Greater Awareness

Today, like everybody else, I continue to face challenges and work through inner resistance and human limitations, but with greater awareness, confidence, compassion, and self-understanding. Life is not just about problem-solving or personal success. It’s also about living in the present moment and creating with what you have available in the here and now.

Continuing the Journey of Growth and Healing

My experiences, both challenging and enlightening, have shaped me into the person I am today, and they continue to inspire my practice with Psychoenergetic Work®. I am dedicated to helping others find their way through their struggles, to discover their own strengths, and to embrace their unique journey.

Your story, too, is important. It's a narrative filled with potential and possibilities. Whether you're just beginning to understand yourself or are further along on your path of self-discovery, know that every step you take is a part of your own transformative journey.

I encourage you to share your experiences, to connect with others, and to never underestimate the power of your own story. Together, we can support each other in our journeys towards healing, growth, and true freedom.

With love and optimism,


If you’d like to talk to Maria directly you can contact her via her website


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