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Changing Our ‘Shocking’ Behaviour One Bra at a Time with Jenny Legg

How it all began

Hi Connected Brighton! My name is Jenny Legg, and my journey with Bra Off Defib On (BODO) was ignited when I found out women are less likely to receive CPR then men. This alarming gender gap became the driving force behind my mission to revolutionise safe defibrillator use and empower you to take decisive action in saving lives.

At the heart of Bra Off Defib On lies a simple yet powerful message: Everyone deserves equal access to life-saving interventions. 

I challenge you to ask everyone you know would they rather die than have their boobs exposed in an emergency? I bet you get the same answer each time…

By turning a traditionally private act (bra removal) into a public demonstration of solidarity and preparedness, we normalise this action and remove the stigma around breast exposure.

We are challenging gender norms and fostering a culture of inclusivity and action.

The charity uses the hashtag #GetYourTitsOutForThePads to really highlight the need for bra removal when using a defib. Yes, it is meant to grab your attention! and will hopefully be something you remember.

Our aim is to de-stigmatise and demystify the bra - when it comes to saving lives we cannot waste time worrying about this barrier. If it’s getting in the way it comes off!

BODO also highlights the ‘Good Samaritans’ act when it comes to bra removal in an emergency. If you are “reasonably trying to save someone’s life” then you are protected by our common law in England. This means that if you have a person who is dead or dying we will do everything we can to save them. Think of CPR and defib use as Top Trumps and everything else, including modesty, goes out the window.

Join the Pledge to save women's lives

One of our core values is Empowerment. We want you to give your permission and pledge that you will “Bare the chest to save the rest”. Giving you the power to take ownership and show you are prepared should you ever be in this situation.

You can be part of the campaign by Pledging or giving Permission to “Bare the chest to save the rest” here.

Our second core value is Education and we run workshops to equip you with the skills and confidence needed to administer CPR and utilise defibrillators when every second counts. You get to practise chest compressions, use a defibrillator, and practise bra removal all within one session (look out for our workshop with the Connected100 in July).

We cover myth busting the social stigmas and instilling confidence in bystanders, we empower you to act decisively in times of crisis. - We Can Do This!

Bra Off Defib On!

As part of the campaign, Bra Off Defib On provides stickers for you to add to your local defibrillator, stating "Bra Off Defib On." These stickers serve as a clear reminder of what to do when the time is right, ensuring that bystanders are prepared to respond effectively. Currently there is no mention of bra removal on defibs and in this time of crisis its so important the messages are kept simple and effective.

If you have a defib and need a sticker please message us.

Bra Off Defib On represents more than just a charity—it's a movement for change. Together, we are empowering women, challenging norms, and reshaping the future of bystander CPR. Through our efforts, we prove that by taking decisive action we can change our ‘shocking behaviour, one bra at a time’.

Jenny Legg,

Founder BODO Charity

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Unknown member
May 21

That hashtag is legendary 😂👏🏻👏🏻 great work

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