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The Gift of Time: A Year of Art and Support

Brighton-based Pink Dot Design is making waves in the world of creativity and compassion with their 2024 Charity Drag Calendar. This meticulously crafted calendar is more than just a display of art and design; it's a powerful symbol of unity in the battle against HIV/AIDS. Each month of the calendar features a unique and inspiring piece of artwork that radiates themes of love, solidarity, and hope.

What sets this calendar apart from the rest is its purpose. Pink Dot Design has dedicated the entire proceeds from this calendar to support two remarkable charitable organisations: Terrence Higgins Trust and The Sussex Beacon. By purchasing this calendar, you become a part of a crucial fundraising effort that directly impacts the remarkable work of these organisations in the city.

Brighton Drag Queen Miss Jason
Local legend Miss Jason. Credit: Pink. Retouch

A Year of Art and Support

The Pink Dot Design 2024 Charity Calendar proudly showcases twelve exceptional Drag artists and performers who have generously lent their talents to this meaningful cause. The calendar line-up reads like a who's who of the Drag world, featuring these incredible artists:

January - Snow White Trash

February - Vicki Vivacious from Drag Race UK Season 5

March - Kate Butch from Drag Race UK Season 5

April - Sally Date

May - Miss Jason

June - Alex Fincher

July - Monroe Adams

August - Rose Garden

September - Portia

October - Marsha Mallow

November - Ophelia Payne

December 1st - Dave Lynn (World AIDS Day)

December - Cherry Liquor

NYE/January 2025 - The Duchess

Drag Queen Kate Butch
Kate Butch. Credit: He_photo

Launch Party Invite

Come and join us in celebrating the launch of the 2024 Charity Drag Calendar by Pink Dot Design and help raise vital funds for these inspiring charities. The event promises a delightful drinks reception and special guest from including Drag Race Season 5 Stars Vicki Vivacious and Kate Butch

Location: Bar Broadway, 10 Steine Street, Brighton, BN31PL.

When: 20th November, 7 PM

This calendar isn't just about marking the days of the year; it's about making each day count in the fight against HIV/AIDS and spreading love, unity, and hope.

Pre-order your very own copy of the Charity Calendar here:

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