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This weekend myself and one of our fabulous members Jemma joined some of our favourite chefs to work the VIP food tent at Pride. They needed extra hands and we were very happy to help out.

And of course we BLOODY LOVED IT!

We loved working front of house and seeing everyone, hearing all the stories from the parade and feeling all the love at Pride. You know me, I love a chat and so this was a dream job!

Thanks to our amazing catering crew - Sam (Slam Tacos), Nick (Kab), Paul (Cellar), Kate, JP, Emily and Jemma - for being a fantastic team and a well oiled food making and serving machine.

And to the Riddle & Finn's team who organised all the food and drink in VIP and looked after us.

We finished working in time to see Christina and Paloma who were both exceptional.

Being in the Pride love bubble was a total joy. This is one weekend I will remember forever. Thanks to everyone who was part of it.

What does Pride teach us? Love is love, you do you, and let's all get along!

Lyndsey x


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