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All things Mexican with our Xav!

We have been catching up with our favourite photographer and Mexican, Xav Buendia, who has stacks of fun stuffed planned for fellow Mexico fans over the next few months. Including new tasting events with us here at CB!

"Hey, hope everyone’s having a great summertime in Brighton?

I’m Xav, short for Xavier, you’ve probably heard of me from Connected’s podcast on food photography or have seen my work around town or remember me from the legendary Mezcal tastings at Tlaloc back in the day of post-covid times.

I’m writing to you this time to tell you about all the things I have planned related to Mexico since that’s where I’m from and Lyndsey tells me her members love all things Mexico!

First, let me announce that I have organised a 10 day photography focused tour of Mexico City for February 2024.

This will include various workshops and talks by celebrated Mexican photographers, tours and guided visits to the main tourist attractions but most important, you’ll have the opportunity to live and experience Mexico City like a local in the company of locals… myself included.

If this sounds like something that might interest you, visit for more info.


And this time we’re adding Tequila too so you can tell the difference next time you’re on a social and want to show off your knowledge of Mexican spirits.

On Saturday the 16th of September 7-9pm come taste a variety of spirits and learn the differences in style, flavours and production.

Save the date and book through Connected Brighton. Celebrate Mexico’s independence day learning to sip Tequila and Mezcal like a true revolucionario!

Last but not least, I have a Mexican cooking class at Brighton Community Kitchen on the 12th of October, there are a few Mexican cooking classes in town but no one does a community Mole like we do! Details on the Community Kitchen website.

Thank you, Lyndsey, for providing this space to promote my culture. I look forward to meeting you all at the Tequila & Mezcal tasting!"

Look out for details of our Mezcal & Tequila tasting coming soon and give Xav a follow to keep up with all his amazing adventures - PR, Editorial & Commercial Premier Photographer | - Xavier Buendia- Photographer & Visual Storyteller. Brighton / London

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18. Juli 2023

This looks fantastic- thanks!

Gefällt mir
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