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Our Business Network

The Connected100


Providing exceptional experiences for Brighton's best brands

At Connected Brighton, we don't just host networking events, we create dynamic platforms where businesses thrive through interactive, engaging experiences.


Our specialty? Forging powerful connections that drive business growth, innovation and community.


Introducing Connected100, the exclusive business branch of our brand dedicated to elevating your business. Whether you're seeking B2B or B2C opportunities, Connected100 is your gateway to a community of like-minded professionals.


Why Choose the Connected100?

  • Curated Networking Community: Fortnightly events designed to foster meaningful interactions.

  • Marketing Multiverse: You’ll gain access to various marketing opportunities across our platforms. We’ll use our big and trusted voice to spread the word about you!

  • Diverse Industries: Our doors are open to all service sectors, including the hospitality industry, ensuring a rich tapestry of connections.

  • Exclusive Membership: Limited to 100 members, ensuring quality interactions and opportunities.


Are you ready to position your brand among the best? Is your business aligned with the ethos of Connected100? If you're nodding yes, it's time to make your move.


Contact us now to start your journey of growth and connection with Connected100.

Brighton's Best Brands

Our approach to marketing transcends traditional advertising, offering a vibrant, multi-channel marketing experience that combines social media, newsletters, and in person events. This strategy maximises your investment and showcases your brand in a unique and dynamic way.

If you would like to become part of the Connected 100 please contact us.

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