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Hello There

Lyndsey here, Founder of Connected Brighton, Co-Founder of The Single Sessions, Personal Coach, Mentor, Consultant, Radio Host, Writer, Speaker, Podcast Host.


Why do one thing when you can do everything right?

I got here after I turned my life around after failed IVF and a divorce forced me to rebuild my life, plus the impact of a little pandemic which helped me find purpose to help others.

  • Writing my blog @nottheblueprint to help others cope with infertility and divorce by sharing my story

  • Becoming a qualified coach, to help others find Plan B when Plan A doesn't work out

  • Creating my business Connected Brighton to help people find connection when their social circle changes

  • Specialising in business coaching as I get so much joy from mine, I want to help you with yours.

I regularly help people looking to rebuild or change their lives, start a business or grow a business - maybe I can help you too?

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Could coaching be right for you?

Do any of these statements resonate with you?


  • This isn’t where I expected to be at my age, how did I end up here

  • I want more from life but not sure where to start

  • I want to confidently be the person I know I can be

  • I know I am worth more, I just need a push to make a change


Yes? Coaching could help.


Life isn’t linear. Plan A doesn’t always work out, pandemics happen, wars start, businesses fold and the guy doesn’t always get the girl at the end of the movie.


And sometimes we need support on starting that Plan B journey - working out what we want, when we want it, how to get it and actually getting it!


Starting on Plan B can be daunting when you’re changing jobs, relocating, starting a new business or reinventing yourself. It’s scary and exciting!


Coaching is a proven method of giving you the time, space and tools to decide how you want to live your life. Working out what you do have, what you don’t, what you need and how to take the right steps to move forward towards what you really want. 

Why me?

My journey will be similar to yours, we may have travelled different roads but we’ve ended up in the same place. Wanting more from life than we have, knowing we are worth more, not wanting to be defined by the hand we’ve been dealt but unsure where to start and how to make meaningful change.

I came to coaching after my divorce in 2017 and my subsequent “Snack, Nap, Hope” tour in ode to ”Eat, Love, Pray” where I ate and cried my way around North America and Australia.


I had gone travelling as I was lost. Lost in grief after IVF and divorce, lost in life and lost on where to begin. I wasn’t where I had expected (or wanted) to be in my mid 30s and I needed time to process who I was now - single, infertile and unhappy at work - and needed time to work out who I wanted to be next.

Doing the work on myself, using the right support network, tools and coaches helped me to design the life I wanted -  becoming a coach, founding an award winning business and discovering my worth.


I’ve helped countless people to move forward in their lives - changing roles, starting businesses, growing businesses and creating new purposeful lives - can I help you too?

Why you?

If you are still reading this you are likely feeling stuck, frustrated, lonely, confused and fed up with where you are today. And ready for change.


You might have tried books, other coaches, online courses or friends but nothing is hitting the spot YET! With me you can - 


  • Define your ideal life with clear steps to achieve it

  • Get hands on weekly support 

  • Stop holding yourself back from personal or professional success

  • Present yourself confidently to be seen, heard and valued.

Coach me Lyndsey!

Am I right for you?

Coaching is personal, I become your cheerleader, fan girl and champion throughout the process because I am dedicated to helping you get where you want to be.

I'll also challenge you and call you out on you BS when you are getting in your own way (like we all do) getting you to realise your worth, power and empowering you to take control and make effective change.


Through regular sessions, check ins and chats I will create the right space for you to achieve success in your life, career or business.

How we can work together?

Work with me 121 

  • One off session 90min - £250 (inc VAT)

  • Day workshop - £650 (inc VAT)

  • 3 months, fortnightly sessions, weekly check ins, regular texts - £3k (inc VAT)

  • 6 months - fortnightly sessions, weekly check ins, regular texts - £5k (inc VAT)

Group coaching  

4 weeks - £495 (inc VAT)

Join my private coaching group, creating a safe space to work on your recovery, reinvention and resilience together with like minded people to design your new life. 

  • Monday 15 September, 730pm GMT for 4 weeks (consecutive Mondays)

Book a call with me below or email to walk through the right coaching options to meet your needs.

Let's talk.


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